Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nutkitten's Jewelry: Great Site to List Your Jewelry Business

Nutkitten's Jewelry: Great Site to List Your Jewelry Business: Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been here lately, but since my Dr. started me on my new meds, I haven't been much of anything. I am not sure...

Great Site to List Your Jewelry Business

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been here lately, but since my Dr. started me on my new meds, I haven't been much of anything.  I am not  sure if it's the Thyroid meds or the Cymbalta & Abilify since I started them both at the same time.  I do know that I keep nodding out a my computer and have absolutely no energy at all.  One thing though, my forehead now knows my keyboard quite intimately!!

I wanted to tell everyone about this great site I found. It's called Manta.  It's a business listing site.  You can list your jewelry business here for free.  After I listed mine, I had to play with things (of course).  Anyway, viewing as a customer would, on my page, there were different searches.  (Google search, Social search, News & Article search, etc.).  Everyone should check it out.  It certainly can't  hurt to have your business listed in yet another place on the net.

If you like, before adding your business, click this link, MANTA  On the home page search "Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry" then click same when you get the search results then check out the info it shows and try the reports, different searches etc.  I think you will like it.

I have a couple of new items I need to get pics of and will post soon, I hope.



Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well, I went bead shopping the other day and I found these great hand painted, ceramic, large-hole beads.  I liked them so much, I bought 2 strands of them.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with them but when I got home and looked through my beads I saw some purple agate beads I had bought months before and  voila!  This bracelet was born.  

Ceramic Rose Bracelet with Earrings

About 7 or 8 months ago, my mom had given me a box of old jewelry, beads, etc.  In that mess of stuff I found two round beads that had almost the same design so, matching it earrings too!

The ceramic beads give the bracelet just enough weight to keeps its shape and not flop around.

Now, to decide what to do with the other strand.  I think, since they are large-hole beads, I may do something with chain. But, no vision as of yet.

This set is available at my store:  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

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Black Matte Necklace

When I saw these black beads with the matte finish, I just had to have them.  I think they make the piece more sophisticated and elegant.

This is the perfect necklace to go with that little black dress!  I also made earrings to match.

This is available at my store:  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry


Friday, September 16, 2011



Ok, about 3 weeks ago I had my bead soup complete, or so I thought....then, I pulled up the pic of my soup that I received and, LO and BEHOLD!  I notice 8 green rondelle crystals that, unfortunately, I totally forgot about :(.  Well, I kicked myself in the butt for a few minutes then, figured I better start this blog post. And...HERE WE GO!

I made 3 items with my soup.
1.) A pendant and necklace
2.) A bracelet
3.) A pin (or brooch, I guess)

Here is the soup I received from my partner, Stacie Stamper.  It had some very unique Yellow (some type of gemstone) beads (very, very, heavy), some green jade beads, some very beautiful copper beads, some of which were filigree, some copper spacer beads, some blue crystals, the green crystals that I missed, some ceramic blue beads (very pretty), some blue and yellow pressed glass beads, some blue and brown beads, and a copper S clasp.

Bead soup received from Stacie
1.) The Pendant and Necklace
To some of Stacie's beads I added some yellow nugget beads and, I just happened to have some identical jade beads in a size bigger than the ones she sent so I added those.  To the large cone shaped yellow stone, I did a simple coil-type wrap with 22g square copper wire and used this as the pendant.  I also used the clasp she sent on this piece.

Pendant and necklace
Pendant and Necklace
2.)  Bracelet
In making the bracelet, I added to Stacie's beads, the two square copper beads, the two copper flower spacers and the copper heart toggle.

3.) Pin
Originally, I used the Yellow faceted Gemstone beads as earrings, unfortunately, they were way, way, too heavy.  So, I had to come up with something else.  For this pin, I took a copper 4 holed spacer bead and attached it to a pin back.  I then added some copper swirls and some yellow nugget beads.


I hope everyone likes the pieces I made.  It was definitely a challenge!  
I look forward to seeing what everyone else made.
Please be sure to visit my partners blog:  PARK AVENUE




Wire Wrapped Pendant


First, let me say, I know next-to-nothing about gemstones.  So, if anyone can tell me what kind of stone this is..........MUAAH!

My boyfriend is so proud of himself and wants recognition, so.....
I first did a 'practice' wrap with craft wire.  The hole in this stone was barely big enough for 1 piece of 20g wire and when I did the practice wrap, the additional pieces I had to add to the bottom were not very stable, so.......My boyfriend came to the rescue and starting with a small drill bit and working his way up.........very slowly, lol ...... he managed to make the hole big enough for the 3 pieces of wire I needed.    THANK YOU MIKEY!

I used and unknown gemstone.......MY DUH!......and 22g square gold wire that I twisted in my drill.  It is a simple wrap, but I like it!


I will probably wait until I identify the stone before uploading to my store but, should someone be interested.......just comment here!

Green Ice Necklace

This necklace reminds me of two totally different things.

#1)  The solid green beads remind me of frozen Kool-Aid, lol.  They have an "icy" look to them.  That makes this necklace great for summer.

#2)  The large white and green beads remind me of some candy my granny always had on hand.  It was a nougat like candy with jelly-like blobs inside.  (It tastes much better than it sounds!)  You can buy this candy, usually in the bulk bins at the grocery store but the jelly blobs are usually red and orange in color.  Most of all, reminds me of my granny.  (I miss her soooooo much!)

Anyway, here it is:

Green Ice Necklace

Green Ice Necklace
This will available tomorrow at my store:

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile.  I have not been feeling well and didn't seem to have the energy to get out of bed.  I still don't have much energy but feel a little better knowing what the problem is.  I visited the Doctor the other day and found that I have a very low thyroid.  Put that together with the fact that I am anemic and .......Talk about tired, lol.  I am now on thyroid meds but they take 2 to 3 weeks to start working so....just waiting for that burst of energy to come......someday, I hope!

I wanted to let you all in on this great contest I came across.  There is an online store that sells cellphone accessories at fantastic prices.  I ordered tons of things from them.  For example:  A memory chip for my phone, $3.99, car chargers, $4.99, data cables, $2.99, etc.  Everything has been great quality.

Anyway, here is the contest:

Come up with a slogan for their website, 5 to 25 words.  They will pick the top 3 and those 3 people will win a free "JAWBONE PRIME BLUETOOTH HEADSET".  Contest runs from 09/01/11 to 10/09/11.  Just visit their FB page here:  CELLPHONESHOPNET.  From there, you can visit their store to check it out.  (You can, of course, create a better slogan if you know what the store is about, DUH, LOL).  (They only have 272 'likes' so far so may not be a ton on entries so......better chances of winning).

Good luck to those of you who wish to enter, I have submitted one slogan already and working on another one.

I have a couple of jewelry items completed.  Just need to get pics and will be posting probably tomorrow.  

Nice to see everyone again, I have missed you all!  


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slave Bracelets

Made two new slave bracelets.  (The hand equivalent to the barefoot sandal).

My son was my hand model for these pictures and wasn't too happy about it and didn't want to hold still or cooperate, lol.  So, until I get a better hand model, these are the best pics I have.

This first one was made on stretch cord with clear seed beads with pink centers and deep pink, almost purple glass pearl type beads.  

Pink Slave Bracelet

Pink slave bracelet

Pink slave bracelet

This one was made using gold, box type, chain, two oval hoops and three blue bi-cone crystals.  This one secures with a gold lobster claw clasp.

Blue Crystal Slave Bracelet

Blue Crystal slave bracelet

Blue Crystal slave bracelet

These will be available this evening at  NUTKITTEN'S HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More gum ball earrings

Although these earrings are rather simple, I really like the first pair so I decided to make another pair with some smaller orphan beads.


Gumball Earrings
These will be available at Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry later this evening.


Bead Soup I Received


I really don't have a clue what I am going to do with the focal and the two matching pieces (when I envisioned putting the three pieces together, it seemed almost pornographic, lol, so I don't think that is gonna happen, lol) The copper beads are just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, one of the millefiori beads was received broken 
 : (

These beads are going to be a challenge for me!!!!!



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead Soup I Sent

I sent my partner her soup with tracking so I know she has now received it.  I also know from our couple of email exchanges that she is very busy so I thought I would post what I sent.

I took this with my cell phone so it's not a very good picture.  I hope when she posts them it looks better. (HOW CAN IT NOT!  LOL)





1.  Glass Starfish focal (blue, yellow and red)
2.  Blue swirled glass barrel beads
3.  Blue rondelle crystals
4.  Red teardrop beads
5.  Clear glass triangle beads with red centers
6.  Red rondelle crystals
7.  Blue Mother of Pearl coin beads
8.  Yellow beads
9.  Clear beads
10.  Blue disc spacer beads
11.  Small blue pearls
12.  Silver flower spacer beads
13.  Fancy S hook clasp (didn't pic the jump rings that go with it and also some crimp beads I included)
14.  Fish hook ear wires (just in case, lol)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Bead Soup Teaser


Here is a teaser of the soup I sent to my Bead Soup Partner, Stacie Stamper.

I hope she likes them!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Barefoot Sandals

I really like barefoot sandals.  Most of my previous barefoot sandals were made with tigertail beading wire and an extender chain so that they could be worn by people with just about any size foot.  The reason for this was that I could not manage to get the stretchy stuff through the seed beads.  Well, I found out why.  This dang place I live at has only one arts and crafts store and the only stretchy cord they carried was way to big.  (I thought it only came in one size......go figure!)  I finally ordered some on-line and hey, it goes through the seed beads....DUH!  LOL!  So, these are stretchy ones!

This first one I wore with my leopard print tank top.

(I cut this foot out of poster board, lol!)

Leopard print barefoot sandal

Leopard print barefoot sandal

This next one is also made with stretch cord.  It uses one light blue glass flower bead, some light blue cat's eye beads and little blue beads.  (they aren't seed beads, just very small round beads)  This one has a couple of dangles that hang behind the heel.

Blue Cat's Eye barefoot sandal

Blue Cat's Eye barefoot sandal

heel dangles

Here are a couple of my the barefoot sandals I made earlier....

All these are available at my store:  NUTKITTEN'S HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY

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Tracy   aka  Nutkitten

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gum Ball Earrings

The beads on these earrings remind me of gum balls.  I couldn't think of what to do with these beads as I only had just a few of each color so, I decided to put them all together and.....earrings they are.

Gum ball earrings

Available at Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Bead Soup Blog Party

I wanted to introduce my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Her name is Stacie Stamper.  I visited her blog and saw that she makes some unique and very beautiful jewelry using ....... of all things ......... CANDY SPRINKLES!!   You can visit her blog here:  Park Avenue.

We have been in contact via email, but both of us not thinking, we didn't bother to include our addresses!  DUH!

I have since sent my address and am awaiting hers.  I have her Bead Soup ready to mail out as soon as she sends her whereabouts.

Special Thanks to Lori Anderson, Pretty Things, for hosting this Party.

Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Crystal Bangle

Before I start talking about the Black Crystal Bangle, I wanted to let everyone know that I have finally created a fanpage on Facebook for my store.  It can be found here:  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry on Facebook.  Since I just started the page, I can use all the "likes" I can get.  I hope everyone will help me out with this...........now to the bracelet.......

It is another bangle type bracelet.  This bracelet is the sturdiest of this type of bracelet I have made to date.  I used 20g round craft wire since almost all of the wire is covered by beads.  It is very durable.

Black Crystal Bangle

Black Crystal Bangle

This bracelet has a large black faceted crystal focal, black rondelle crystals, black bi-cone crystals, clear rondelle crystals, and clear flower beads.  I made a swan-type clasp for this bracelet with 20g silver wire.

This bracelet is available at my store, Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry.

Tracy   aka nutkitten

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Vintage Items?

Ok.......so that I don't have to get long winded again, check out the previous post "Vintage Items" if you want these.

These are button covers.  I don't know if these were simply made to look like vintage button covers or if they actually are.  There are a total of 7.  There are 3 matching ones and the rest are single covers.  The set of three look like they have mother of pearl under the filigree design.  The decorative parts of these are a copper colored plastic material.  The part that latches onto or over the button are metal.  These pictures were also taken with my cell phone.

Button Covers

Button Cover

Button Cover

Button Cover

Button Cover

Button Covers with Pearl under filigree

Back of button covers

Again, if you want these, just let me know how to get a hold of you.  However, please don't ask for just one or two of them.  You can have the whole handfull.  (Plus, I'm tooooo lazy to have to mail 1 here, 1 there, etc., lol).

Thanks for your time again, everyone!!!!

Tracy    aka  nutkitten

Vintage Items?

Hi everyone!!!!  Haven't posted in awhile for a couple of reasons:  1)  I am very anemic and scheduled for blood work so I can get some new blood.  Until then, have very little energy.  2)  My son got out of school, into summer school and now that summer school is over........wow!  His ADHD along with the fact that his favorite pastime is irritating mom, I am lucky to complete ..... or even start a project the last few weeks.  Even worse, he is 17 (well, next month) and he knows how to use his ADHD to get things to go his way.  I am kind of afraid to look in the mirror, might find myself looking like the kid who stuck a car key in a light socket.....kid wears me ragged, lol.

Anyway, I am not much into vintage things but have a couple things I would like to share and find out if they are actually vintage items or not.  Also, as I don't collect those types of things, I would rather they be with someone who could appreciate them.  So if anyone is interested in the items in this post, I will gladly trade for something I can use (beads, wire stuff, a jewelry tool, etc....) nothing expensive, just useful.  Basically, the first person to ask ..... can have.   But, just because there is a post from someone already, please let me know you want them anyway.  The first person may not want both items or may change their mind or......may offer me 2 plastic beads and make me laugh instead!!  lol, just kidding, I am sure my fellow beaders and friends will be fair.

Here is the first item.  A friend of mine owed me some money and when she came by I wasn't home so she called me later and said she had left the money in the drive way by some toys and that it was in a papier mache egg. I asked her if she wanted it back and she said, "No, I found it and was going to throw it away."  Like I said, I have no knowledge of these kind of things so, she might have been heading in the right direction by throwing it away.





I took these with my cell phone so sorry about the quality.  The printed paper inside the egg says MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY.  The only blemishes on the egg are the word TOM written in ink inside the egg.  There are no tears, just a slight bit of wear most and most of the wear is in just a couple of places along the edges where the two halves fit together.  The two halves do not fit perfectly together, but I don't think a handmade papier mache item would.  Anyway, here you have it.

Since this is such a long post, I am going to post the other item(s) in a second post.  If you would like this egg, you do not have to post what you want to trade, just some way for me to get back to  you and then we can either get together by phone or email or however you would like.

Thanks again,
Tracy  aka  nutkitten

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beaded Bracelet Set

The Spring Garden Bracelet and Earrings

Spring Garden Bracelet and Earrings

Spring Garden Bracelet
Spring Garden Earrings
These were made with some glass flower beads and some dark pink pearl type glass beads.  I have another set I made awhile back in green.
Spring Garden Set in Green
I really like the first set so when I found got the clear flower beads, I decided I liked the way they looked with the deep pink color so I made another set.

Both sets are available at my store;  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Tracy   aka  Nutkitten

Two More Bangle Bracelets

Well, I thought I would try a couple more bangle type bracelets.  If you remember the first one, the Crytstal Cuff,
Crystal Cuff
These two are a couple different versions.

First is the Silver Rose Bracelet.  Made with 22g Square silver wire, silver beads and black (AB) crystals and this time I made a swan clasp.
Silver Rose Bangle
Silver Rose Bangle
This next one was made with 22g gold wire, clear, green-lined bi-cone crystals, green bi-cone crystals and gold spacer beads.  Once again, with this one I used a swan clasp.
Green Crystal Cuff
Green Crystal Cuff
They will be available at Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Tracy  aka Nutkitten