Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Crystal Bangle

Before I start talking about the Black Crystal Bangle, I wanted to let everyone know that I have finally created a fanpage on Facebook for my store.  It can be found here:  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry on Facebook.  Since I just started the page, I can use all the "likes" I can get.  I hope everyone will help me out with to the bracelet.......

It is another bangle type bracelet.  This bracelet is the sturdiest of this type of bracelet I have made to date.  I used 20g round craft wire since almost all of the wire is covered by beads.  It is very durable.

Black Crystal Bangle

Black Crystal Bangle

This bracelet has a large black faceted crystal focal, black rondelle crystals, black bi-cone crystals, clear rondelle crystals, and clear flower beads.  I made a swan-type clasp for this bracelet with 20g silver wire.

This bracelet is available at my store, Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry.

Tracy   aka nutkitten

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