Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Items?

Hi everyone!!!!  Haven't posted in awhile for a couple of reasons:  1)  I am very anemic and scheduled for blood work so I can get some new blood.  Until then, have very little energy.  2)  My son got out of school, into summer school and now that summer school is!  His ADHD along with the fact that his favorite pastime is irritating mom, I am lucky to complete ..... or even start a project the last few weeks.  Even worse, he is 17 (well, next month) and he knows how to use his ADHD to get things to go his way.  I am kind of afraid to look in the mirror, might find myself looking like the kid who stuck a car key in a light socket.....kid wears me ragged, lol.

Anyway, I am not much into vintage things but have a couple things I would like to share and find out if they are actually vintage items or not.  Also, as I don't collect those types of things, I would rather they be with someone who could appreciate them.  So if anyone is interested in the items in this post, I will gladly trade for something I can use (beads, wire stuff, a jewelry tool, etc....) nothing expensive, just useful.  Basically, the first person to ask ..... can have.   But, just because there is a post from someone already, please let me know you want them anyway.  The first person may not want both items or may change their mind or......may offer me 2 plastic beads and make me laugh instead!!  lol, just kidding, I am sure my fellow beaders and friends will be fair.

Here is the first item.  A friend of mine owed me some money and when she came by I wasn't home so she called me later and said she had left the money in the drive way by some toys and that it was in a papier mache egg. I asked her if she wanted it back and she said, "No, I found it and was going to throw it away."  Like I said, I have no knowledge of these kind of things so, she might have been heading in the right direction by throwing it away.





I took these with my cell phone so sorry about the quality.  The printed paper inside the egg says MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY.  The only blemishes on the egg are the word TOM written in ink inside the egg.  There are no tears, just a slight bit of wear most and most of the wear is in just a couple of places along the edges where the two halves fit together.  The two halves do not fit perfectly together, but I don't think a handmade papier mache item would.  Anyway, here you have it.

Since this is such a long post, I am going to post the other item(s) in a second post.  If you would like this egg, you do not have to post what you want to trade, just some way for me to get back to  you and then we can either get together by phone or email or however you would like.

Thanks again,
Tracy  aka  nutkitten

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