Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sorry for posting a day late, but once again was in the hospital.  I was unable to originally post a pic of the soup I received because I was having problems with Chrome and my blog and was unable to access my blog. First, here is a pic of the soup I sent:
Soup I sent
Here is a pic of the Soup I received.  (The turquoise necklace and anchor bracelet were freebies and not actually part of the soup.)
Soup I received

My partner's blog can be viewed here

I, unfortunately couldn't seem to come up with anything for the ribbons but I did make three items.

1) Using the purple beads, focal and very beautiful clasp along with some of my own beads, (I wanted to pick beads that complimented her beads but didn't not take away from them. I hope I succeeded.) This is what I created.
 Necklace using purple beads, focal and clasp.

2)  I also made a bracelet using some of the flower beads she send along with some flat flower beads and leaves from my own stash.
 Bracelet using flower beads

3)  She sent a few paper beads she had made and was hoping I would try to use them.  I  really didn't know what kind of beads you would use with paper beads so I made a simple bracelet using a few seed beads as spacers.  (the paper beads  are really very cute!)  Nice work Terry!
Simple bracelet using paper beads.

I hope everyone like the items I created.


The list of participants can be found here