Friday, April 29, 2011


So Very Sad!!!
I have only had this blog for ..... maybe a month, so, I don't expect tons of traffic or anything but, a few days ago I came to write a post and.................. 1 follower!   Yeah, I was so happy!   Came to write a post today........ No followers!    Almost cried, now not so happy...........

Golden Sands

Walked into one of my fave discount stores and there was a bin full of $1 beads.  Found these brown goldstone beads and the small metal rust colored beads.  Used some of those beads along with some copper spacers, some twisted bugle beads and a copper toggle clasp and here it is!
Golden Sands Necklace

Golden Sands Necklace
Available in my store Nutkitten's Showroom

Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Necklaces added to my showroom today!

Along with the 5 new pair of earrings, I also added 4 new necklaces today.  The first two are floating type necklaces.  The first is called "Colors of the Sea" which consists of assorted gemstone and glass beads in the colors of the sea.  The second is called "Floating Amber" which features some beautiful translucent amber beads.
Colors of the Sea Necklace

Amber Floating Necklace

The next necklace I call "Gothic Butterfly".  This is a chunky 'lariat style' necklace with large gun metal chain, 5 filigree butterflies, large crystals with filigree bead caps, black pearl type glass beads and a black agate gemstone dangle.
Gothic Butterfly Necklace

The final necklace is called "Old-Fashioned Indian".  I call it old fashioned because this type of necklace was popular during the '70s.  Some of you may remember them well.  The necklace is made out of silver rose beads, turquoise seed beads and lots and lots of safety pins.  The focal of the necklace resembles an Indian headdress.
Old-Fashioned Indian

5 new earrings added to my showroom today!

I added 5 pair of earrings today.  First are 3 pair of pear earrings;  Some pearl hoops, some wire wrapped pearl dangles and some heart framed pearls.

The next two pair are what I call Tiny Tots because they are a couple pair of the smallest earrings, with the exception of studs that I have.  The first pair is a wire shape with dangling crystals and the second pair are tiny framed crystals


Saturday, April 23, 2011

New earrings up in my showroom

Well, I love pink (and tons of other colors, lol)  But I do like pink a lot and seem to have tons off beads in pink and so another pair of pink earrings.   These are pretty long, too  4" to be exact.

This next pair of earrings are ..... not pink, lol.   These are blue and very simple.  I call them Single Drop of Rain.  They are a simple blue teardrop bead attached to the lever back earwire with a wrap of blue wire.

There we have it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updated Pics

Ok.....taking pics outdoors now......turning out much better.

New pics of  the Purple Haze Jewelry Set.  Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, and Anklet.



and Anklet

Two new necklaces and new pics

Been so busy working on my jewelry photos, not much time to do much jewelry making!  But, two new necklaces....

This first one I call red wedding.  The pearlized white rose beads remind me of weddings and, well, the red is pretty much self explanatory, lol

This next one I call Splattered, looks like it's been splattered with paint!

Both of these necklaces are available at my store:  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blue Horizon

For some reason, I don't get too many ideas for bracelets, so bracelets are what I have the least of.  Today, however, I had a design pop into my head and here it is, I call it Blue Horizon.

It was created using 3 hole spacer tube beads, blue and silver cathedral beads, blue rectangular and oval beads and round silver beads.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner and Romance

This is my first time using ribbon in jewelry making.  I am not too sure if I like it or not.  I think it might look a little too much like gift wrapping.  Burgundy always reminds me of a romantic glass of wine which is why I called this  piece Dinner and Romance.