Saturday, November 24, 2012


While researching possible laptops to purchase, this is what I found:

At Best Buy - Samsung laptop bundle (includes:  sleeve, mouse, and flash drive)  15.6", 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive.  Reg price:  $574.95  Black Friday sale price:  $349.95.   I had to have it!

When we were at Best Buy on Tuesday, there were people camping outside waiting for Black Friday.  I thought, "Oh my God, what a bunch of idiots.  It's not like this is a Hollywood premiere or something!"  Well, ha ha, I guess the joke was on me!

We arrived at Best Buy about 5 min. before they were scheduled to open.  We had to wait in line for 30 to 45 min.  Once inside, there was not 1 laptop under $900 left in the entire store.  WTF!!  I really don't care how many people showed up for the sale, it was only 30 min. after opening.  There is no reason that they shouldn't have enough merchandise to last that long!  So, no laptop for me yet.

But, I do have a chest cold and sore throat now......thank you Best Buy.

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY - 1     GAMESTOP - 2

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This computer that i am currently using seems to have one problem after another.  So, I decided that my best bet would be to have it wiped clean and reformatted.  I have reformatted my computers in the past, but now that no one gives you discs anymore and the windows cds are on a partition, I'm lost.  While exchanging my ink cartridges at Best Buy, I asked the manager if he could point me in the direction of the 'Geek Squad' and mentioned that I was thinking about having my computer reformatted.  He said, "I can tell you that it's going to cost you around $200."  OMG!

While talking to the 'Geek Squad', the lady proceeded to tell me about a service contract they had for purchase.  Normally, this costs $199 per year, but since we just purchased a laptop, we could get this for $99.  The thing about this service contract is, it covers 3 computers!  So, not only would both my son's laptop and my computer be covered for a year but I could get mine reformatted.......completely free!  WOW!  Since we have 30 days from our purchase to get this contract for $99, I decided to wait and talk to my boyfriend (since he is the one who will be paying for it).

At home, I talk to my boyfriend.  He says, "Well, you can get it, but let's just buy you a laptop and you can have the computer you use now as a back-up."  Hey, who am I to complain?

For the outrageous price to reformat:

For the great service contract available:

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY - 2     GAMESTOP - 2

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Ok, since Walmart obviously didn't want our money, we headed off to Best Buy.  Once there, my son located a laptop he wanted and within 10 min., we made our purchase!  I also purchased a combo pack of ink cartridges for my printer; $1 less than the Walmart price! On our way home, we stopped at GameStop where my son purchased a used headset and a game for his Xbox 360.  The salespeople at GameStop have always been very helpful.

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY  -  1     GAMESTOP - 1

It was a couple of days before I got around to changing the ink cartridges in my printer.  Dummy me, I opened, not only the box, but the individual wrappers inside when I realized I had bought the wrong cartridges.   Ut oh!

Well, I decided to call Best Buy (knowing for almost certain I was screwed since I opened the packages inside) but decided to give it a shot.  The guy I talked to on the phone said, "Normally we can't exchange them once the individual packages are opened, but if you can come in tonight, I will go ahead and exchange them for you."  Wow!

When I told my son we were going to Best Buy, he informed me that his headset didn't work.  I asked him, "Where's the receipt?"  His answer, "I don't know."  So, I call GameStop.  I talk to the manager and ask him, "We don't have the receipt, but if the saleslady remembers us and remembers selling us the headset just a couple of days ago, can we exchange it?"  He says, "Don't worry about it, come on in and I will take care of it for you, no problem."  Wow, again!

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY - 2     GAMESTOP - 2

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Than Just Jewelry!

It Took A Few Days
Here I Am Again!

The past few days, since my last post, I've been wanting to come back here and, like I said, keep my blog active.  However, I didn't have any jewelry news to blog about.  Then I thought to myself, "Just because it's named 'Nutkitten's Jewelry Blog', does that mean that the person behind the "jewelry" can't have anything to talk about besides jewelry?"  I post on Face Book almost daily so why can't I share those things, between jewelry news, that's what I'm going to do.  

My son and I had an interesting weekend while shopping for laptops so, the next few posts are what I shared on Face Book about our laptop shopping experience.  Actually, here is where are shopping began, at Walmart.

While shopping for my son's laptop Fri., our first stop was Walmart, after all, he just started college and didn't have a ton of money to spend, so where better to start. Well, he saw one he wanted but we didn't see any other than the display. So we ask an associate, she goes to the back, and not finding any, gets another associate with a Telzon (
spelling?). The employee enters the product # and informs us that two of them came in on the truck that they just finished unloading. Just as we reach the stock room, we run into one of the guys that unloads the trucks. She asks him about the laptops. He then answers her in what, he thinks, is a whisper. I, of course, hone in and hear all, lol. He tells her, "There's stuff stacked all over back there, I don't want to look through that stuff." So, she turns and says to us, "He says that there were no laptops that came in on the truck." If either of them were employed by me, that would be their last day! When I told my son I was going to go on line and make sure that corporate was made aware of this, my son, like so many others, says, "Like its gonna make big deal to them." Well, I know, for a fact, that Walmart did not become the success that it is by telling customers or potential customers, "we don't feel like bothering with you right now, go take your $400 somewhere else." 

Needless to say, we didn't purchase a laptop at Walmart.  So..... off to Best Buy we went.......

THUMBS DOWN FOR WALMART.............. WALMART 0  (there will be thumbs up or down for a couple more stores in future posts)

See out Best Buy shopping experience Tmo.......


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Since I haven't posted since Nov 1, 2011, I'm not sure if anyone stops by anymore, but if any of you do......thank you!

I've had a rough year; been sicker than usual.  I have been hospitalized 7 times this year and then there were many, many times in between when I probably should have went to the hospital, but as I really dread doing so, I managed to suffer through at home.  I was even transported by ambulance one of those times to Thorton Hospital in La Jolla, which is about 200 miles from home.  To make being sick and away from home even worse, it was a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Luckily, the doctor was able to release me on Dec. 23 so that I could be back home for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I am temporarily removing my website/store (Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry) as I do not have the energy right now to constantly maintain it.  However, I plan on putting the site back up very soon.

During the past year, I have made a couple pieces of jewelry here and there but not like I had in the past.  But, I trying to get back into the swing of things.   So..........

Here is my first step:  Back to my Blog

My second step:  Participating in Lori Anderson's, 'Memories and Thanks Blog Hop'.  If you would like to participate in this blog hop, you may do say by following this link, or by clicking on the button on the left hand side of this blog.

My third step:  Participating in Lori Anderson's, Non-Blogger (and Blogger) "Season of Joy" Participation Event'.  To view this event and/or sign up, follow this link.  You can view pics of the items created as they are posted by following this link.

Steps to come:  Get back to making jewelry on a regular basis, revamp this blog and give it a fresh, new look, get Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry site back up, and anything else I can think of.

That's about all for now, except that I will try to visit everyone's blog in the very near future and do my best to keep in touch and up to date.

Luvs to all!

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