Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slave Bracelets

Made two new slave bracelets.  (The hand equivalent to the barefoot sandal).

My son was my hand model for these pictures and wasn't too happy about it and didn't want to hold still or cooperate, lol.  So, until I get a better hand model, these are the best pics I have.

This first one was made on stretch cord with clear seed beads with pink centers and deep pink, almost purple glass pearl type beads.  

Pink Slave Bracelet

Pink slave bracelet

Pink slave bracelet

This one was made using gold, box type, chain, two oval hoops and three blue bi-cone crystals.  This one secures with a gold lobster claw clasp.

Blue Crystal Slave Bracelet

Blue Crystal slave bracelet

Blue Crystal slave bracelet

These will be available this evening at  NUTKITTEN'S HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY

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