Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Barefoot Sandals

I really like barefoot sandals.  Most of my previous barefoot sandals were made with tigertail beading wire and an extender chain so that they could be worn by people with just about any size foot.  The reason for this was that I could not manage to get the stretchy stuff through the seed beads.  Well, I found out why.  This dang place I live at has only one arts and crafts store and the only stretchy cord they carried was way to big.  (I thought it only came in one size......go figure!)  I finally ordered some on-line and hey, it goes through the seed beads....DUH!  LOL!  So, these are stretchy ones!

This first one I wore with my leopard print tank top.

(I cut this foot out of poster board, lol!)

Leopard print barefoot sandal

Leopard print barefoot sandal

This next one is also made with stretch cord.  It uses one light blue glass flower bead, some light blue cat's eye beads and little blue beads.  (they aren't seed beads, just very small round beads)  This one has a couple of dangles that hang behind the heel.

Blue Cat's Eye barefoot sandal

Blue Cat's Eye barefoot sandal

heel dangles

Here are a couple of my the barefoot sandals I made earlier....

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  1. Those are way cool Tracy, I like the yellow one.