Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beaded Bracelet Set

The Spring Garden Bracelet and Earrings

Spring Garden Bracelet and Earrings

Spring Garden Bracelet
Spring Garden Earrings
These were made with some glass flower beads and some dark pink pearl type glass beads.  I have another set I made awhile back in green.
Spring Garden Set in Green
I really like the first set so when I found got the clear flower beads, I decided I liked the way they looked with the deep pink color so I made another set.

Both sets are available at my store;  Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Tracy   aka  Nutkitten

Two More Bangle Bracelets

Well, I thought I would try a couple more bangle type bracelets.  If you remember the first one, the Crytstal Cuff,
Crystal Cuff
These two are a couple different versions.

First is the Silver Rose Bracelet.  Made with 22g Square silver wire, silver beads and black (AB) crystals and this time I made a swan clasp.
Silver Rose Bangle
Silver Rose Bangle
This next one was made with 22g gold wire, clear, green-lined bi-cone crystals, green bi-cone crystals and gold spacer beads.  Once again, with this one I used a swan clasp.
Green Crystal Cuff
Green Crystal Cuff
They will be available at Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry

Tracy  aka Nutkitten

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wire Bangle Bracelets

I decided it was time to work on some bracelets.  Here are the results.  I really like both of them, however, one is not going to make it into the store as the design needs some major work.  The other one, I really like it so will be adding it to my store however, it is very, very delicate.

Crystal Cuff

Crystal Cuff

Crystal Cuff
This bracelet has Swarovski bi-cone crystals, some beautiful gold and rhinestone beads I found (at Wal-Mart no less), two gold spacer beads and 21g square wire that I twisted.

At the moment, the largest gauge square wire I have is 21g.  So, I am going to order some larger gauge square wire (prob. 18g - maybe 16g) and make this bracelet using the larger gauge wire.  Twisting the wire work hardens it quite a bit, but even still, the 21g is very delicate.  This bracelet is definitely wearable and looks nice, but is for those who prefer the dainty look and can wear delicate jewelry. (Women wrestlers may want to wait for the 18g version, lol).  I am also working on another version of this bracelet which should be complete probably by morning.  As I don't duplicate my jewelry (at least not exact duplicates) the next bracelets will,  of course, have a different bead and/or color scheme. 

This next wire bangle will not be added to my store as it needs some work.  (I am wearing it but, not going to sell it as is).

Tri-colored Bangle

Tri-colored Bangle
Tri-colored Bangle

Tri-colored Bangle
You can probably tell where the work is needed.  As I pictured the design in my head, the place where the two ends of the bangle meet were suppose to cross over each other in a "NEAT" fashion.  That didn't quite happen, lol.  So, I havent decided if I am going to attempt the same "cross over" style again or if I am going to come up with some sort of design to finish it off.  Until then.........got the brain a workin', lol.

This bangle was made using 21g square gold wire (twisted), 21g copper wire, 21g silver wire (twisted) and 22g gold round wire for the wraps.

Well, until we meet again, lol........The "CRYSTAL CUFF" will be available at my store,

I added a search feature to my site so, for those of you having trouble finding a specific item, you can now search from my home page using either the name of the item, i.e. crystal cuff, or a general search, i.e. bracelet, bangle, cuff, etc.

Luv You All!!!   
Tracy    aka  Nutkitten

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Fancy Barefoot Sandal

I sometimes have trouble using teardrop beads because alot of time I don't like the way they hang in some necklaces so, thought I would use some other teardrops I had and make another barefoot sandal.  With this one I used pink seed beads, pink bi-cone crystals and clear (AB) teardrops.

Pink Barefoot Sandal
Pink Barefoot Sandal
 When I uploaded the blue barefoot sandal that I made for the blog hop to Lima Beads Gallery, quite a few people asked if I would write a tutorial.  So, I am going to get busy with that and when its complete, I will post the link for anyone who is interested.  I normally charge $4.00 for my tutorials but, anyone who sees it here on my blog can post a comment and I will give it to them free.  (Once it is posted and the reply is to that post).

Thanks everyone for your great comments on the other barefoot sandal.  You guys make my day!

This Barefoot Sandal will be available at my store later this evening.

Tracy  aka nutkitten