Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Defiant Necklace

When I first posted the Amethyst in Pears necklace, I had mentioned having to restring it 3 times.  Well I wanted to give a little history on the making of this necklace.

When I pictured this necklace I saw the drop beads laying flat with a nice flow, just below the collar bones.  Well, it seemed that I kept crimping the beads just a little too tight so that some of them kept "popping up" instead of laying flat.  On the third restring, I thought for sure I had it right.  I was off by about 1/16 th of an inch.  Just one single bead kept popping up!  GRRRRR!  Well, I thought maybe I could stretch the necklace just a wee bit and then the bead would lay flat.

NOTE:  Tiger's Tail beading wire DOES NOT stretch!  Beads, however, DO scatter in every possible direction and they roll and roll and roll.....where they stop.....you may never know!  LOL

Finally, the fourth restring was a success!

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