Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 New Handcrafted Jewelry Items

Here are my latest Handcrafted Jewelry Items:

The first one is a necklace I call Amethyst In Pearl.  It is made from Amethyst drops, light violet pearls and Amethyst crystals.  Had to redo this one 3 times because I kept getting the ends crimped a little too tight and the drops wouldn't lie flat.  I almost gave up on it!  It was definitely getting frustrating.

This next necklace I call Chocolate Persuasion.  I guess because the faceted beads remind me of Chocolate candies, lol.  This necklace is handcrafted using chocolate colored faceted beads and window beads with swirls of chocolate brown, yellow and orange.

And, last but not least is a bracelet.  This might be a little colorful for some, but was having a hard time finding a place for these Mother of Pearl beads.  This handcrafted bracelet has green Mother of Pearl beads and yellow Mother of Pearl coin beads along with glass tube beads.

And, there we have it!

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