Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Decorative Cross and Jewelry Set

Ok...So, I finally ordered some square wire.  For my very first time working with square wire I chose this decorative cross.  It's way to big for a pendant, but would go great hung on your mirror or over your bed.  I realize that it's FAR from perfect but, I think it could have been a lot worse.  And hindsight being what it is, I probably should have picked a first project that didn't utilize a ton of wire.  But I am blonde, so...go figure.

Decorative Cross

Decorative Cross
Decorative Cross

Also added to my site this evening is a 3pc. Jewelry set.  Tear Drops.  The set includes:  Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings.

Tear Drops Jewelry set - Bracelet
Tear Drops Jewelry Set             

Tear Drops Jewelry Set - Necklace

.I seem to have a heck of a problem with my pics.  They just go wherever they want all over this blog, lol.  Sorry about that!

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