Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foot Bling Blog Hop

I was really excited when Mystic Pesto announced this blog hop.  I love anklets and really like the barefoot sandal type of anklet.  I knew I wanted to make a barefoot sandal but didn't want to make a plain one with just a basic color variation so, after looking through my bead organizers over and over, I finally decided on some beads and a vision of what I hoped to turn them into in my head and started stringing beads.  Amazingly enough, the pattern in my head only needed a couple of small changes and the anklet went together pretty smoothly, I was surprised and happy because "restringing" and "changing this and that" require patience, something I have very little of these days, lol.  I also made a regular anklet.

So..... here is my barefoot sandal

Barefoot Sandal

Barefoot Sandal on my 'lovely?' foot, lol
This color usually looks good against black so had to include it.
The beads I used making the barefoot sandal are some blue quartz drop beads, blue jade beads and blue seed beads.

Then, I made a simple anklet using some black nugget beads and some black beads with a blue foil design.

Anklet #2.

Please remember to check out the other anklets made for this blog hop.
they are:

And of course.....The hostess of this Blog Hop

I know they will all be GREAT

Tracy  aka Nutkitten


  1. Tracy, those are fantastic I'm loving the blue one. I was in the middle of posting mine last night and all of a sudden something happend with blogger and I could not post. I'm at work so I'm going to try to get mine on before to many people show up.

  2. I really love my self the blue ones.. OMG they are really gorgeous..
    And the simple ones are good looking and I think good to wear at work or in a normal day not like mine.
    I had problem posting my pics too .... and I think was on the middle of the night ( on you r side of the world girls) so good luck with posting Therese

  3. What a great barefoot sandal. The color is beautiful!!! Great work! ~Val

  4. That blue one is just PERFECT for the beach!!! I love the textures and the colors!!! THANKS AGAIN for participating!!!

  5. LOVE the blue one! I can see me wearing that at the beach or even at one of the local free concert series that there are so many of around here. I'm so inspired I'm going to have to go and make me some barefoot sandals. I think maybe one, or two, or three.....will do :-)
    It's such a privilege being a part of this blog hop!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your praise. Now I am going to be smiling today!!! Love you all!!

  7. Very cute. I thought about trying barefoot sandles for this hop but couldn't think of anything cute enough.

  8. Hi Tracy, to answer your question about the stretch cord I used, it's Stretch Magic .5mm/.19in it will go through size 8 and size 6 seed beads several times, but I'm not sure about how many times it will go through size 11 I only passed through twice on my barefoot sandals. Making the foot adornments and an anklet for a friend's baby was the first time I used stretch cord.

  9. Wow, your barefoot sandal is beautiful.
    Deb x