Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Necklaces added to my showroom today!

Along with the 5 new pair of earrings, I also added 4 new necklaces today.  The first two are floating type necklaces.  The first is called "Colors of the Sea" which consists of assorted gemstone and glass beads in the colors of the sea.  The second is called "Floating Amber" which features some beautiful translucent amber beads.
Colors of the Sea Necklace

Amber Floating Necklace

The next necklace I call "Gothic Butterfly".  This is a chunky 'lariat style' necklace with large gun metal chain, 5 filigree butterflies, large crystals with filigree bead caps, black pearl type glass beads and a black agate gemstone dangle.
Gothic Butterfly Necklace

The final necklace is called "Old-Fashioned Indian".  I call it old fashioned because this type of necklace was popular during the '70s.  Some of you may remember them well.  The necklace is made out of silver rose beads, turquoise seed beads and lots and lots of safety pins.  The focal of the necklace resembles an Indian headdress.
Old-Fashioned Indian

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