Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sorry for posting a day late, but once again was in the hospital.  I was unable to originally post a pic of the soup I received because I was having problems with Chrome and my blog and was unable to access my blog. First, here is a pic of the soup I sent:
Soup I sent
Here is a pic of the Soup I received.  (The turquoise necklace and anchor bracelet were freebies and not actually part of the soup.)
Soup I received

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I, unfortunately couldn't seem to come up with anything for the ribbons but I did make three items.

1) Using the purple beads, focal and very beautiful clasp along with some of my own beads, (I wanted to pick beads that complimented her beads but didn't not take away from them. I hope I succeeded.) This is what I created.
 Necklace using purple beads, focal and clasp.

2)  I also made a bracelet using some of the flower beads she send along with some flat flower beads and leaves from my own stash.
 Bracelet using flower beads

3)  She sent a few paper beads she had made and was hoping I would try to use them.  I  really didn't know what kind of beads you would use with paper beads so I made a simple bracelet using a few seed beads as spacers.  (the paper beads  are really very cute!)  Nice work Terry!
Simple bracelet using paper beads.

I hope everyone like the items I created.


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 3 'n 1 Earring

I hope to get better pics soon, but after about the 40th one today, I decided it was best to take a break and try again later (better than throwing my camera or phone against the wall!) Anyway, here is a new earring I made earlier today. I am calling it my "3 'n 1" earring. (I am actually thinking about adding an ear cuff to it). Of course this earring can be made as a "2 'n 1", "4 'n 1", etc. depending on how 'holey' your ears are, lol. Let me know what you guys think


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Let's Try This One More Time!

OK, so, the last time I was here, I had said that I was going to keep up with my blog on a regular basis.  Did I lie?  Well.....not intentionally.....
Smiley Emoticons
I had said, and I did mean it, that even being sick, I would do my best to post at least once a week. This was in late Nov., 2012.  Well, as it always seems to happen, things went every which way but the right way!  

It began with one of the worst things anyone can experience.  Let me give you a little background:

  My mother and father divorced when I was 4 and I was raised by dad and step-mother.  I did not see my real mother again until I was about 23 or 24 yrs old.  At that time, I lived with her in Alabama and Florida for just a couple of months.   My sister Tye was in Jr. High, my brother Bennie was in grade school and Micah and Twilla were both toddlers.  After returning to California, I spoke with my real mom now and then but we then lost contact (she was experiencing problems that we don't need to get into) due to her moving around a lot.  I did not see or talk to my brothers and sisters until I found them on FaceBook..... about 25 years later!  

Now....back to my original train of thought.... just a few weeks after reuniting with my sisters, brothers and mom, on-line, we found out that my mom had lung cancer.  Everyone, including the doctors, figured she had at least a good year before there was a chance of her passing on.  Since my boyfriend, my son, and I live on my boyfriend's seasonal work and my SSI. any trips we take have to be planned and saved up for ahead of time.  We, unfortunately, don't have a 'nest egg'.  So we were making arrangements to visit my mom and the rest of the family in Alabama sometime in May or June, 2013.  Well, during the middle of January, 2013, I was in the hospital for one of my regular bowel obstructions when I received a phone call from my brother Bennie.  The doctors had given my mom about 10 days, at the most!!!!  

After getting released from the hospital and back on my feet, I hopped on a Greyhound and made the trip to Alabama, alone.  (it was a 2 day trip but I actually had a nice ride and met some really great people).  

Well,  when I was about 6 hours from Alabama, I got the phone call.  My mom had passed away.  I wanted so very badly to see her before she went..... it was a very, very sad moment.   However, my sisters and brothers believe she was holding on as long as she could, waiting for me.  (about 3 days earlier, the doctor's had given her only hours!)
also,  about 4 hours or so before I got that phone call, my brothers girlfriend, who was helping care for my mom, called me and said that my mom was in terrible pain and thought she was doing all she could to hang on waiting for me.  So, I had her put the phone up to my mom and I told her, "I love you, and I want, so much, to see you, but I don't want you to suffer waiting on  me.  Please don't suffer, if you need to let go, I will understand.  Just know that I love you".  It was a few hours later she passed.  I am just very happy that the weeks prior to this, we had talked on the phone sometimes for hours at a time.  So, although I wasn't able to see and visit with her before she left us, I was able to reconnect with her by phone...............

Well, I am sure no one wants to visit a blog and read a novel..... so, I will continue tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am going to post my new earrings made earlier today!

Love you all!


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Saturday, November 24, 2012


While researching possible laptops to purchase, this is what I found:

At Best Buy - Samsung laptop bundle (includes:  sleeve, mouse, and flash drive)  15.6", 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive.  Reg price:  $574.95  Black Friday sale price:  $349.95.   I had to have it!

When we were at Best Buy on Tuesday, there were people camping outside waiting for Black Friday.  I thought, "Oh my God, what a bunch of idiots.  It's not like this is a Hollywood premiere or something!"  Well, ha ha, I guess the joke was on me!

We arrived at Best Buy about 5 min. before they were scheduled to open.  We had to wait in line for 30 to 45 min.  Once inside, there was not 1 laptop under $900 left in the entire store.  WTF!!  I really don't care how many people showed up for the sale, it was only 30 min. after opening.  There is no reason that they shouldn't have enough merchandise to last that long!  So, no laptop for me yet.

But, I do have a chest cold and sore throat now......thank you Best Buy.

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY - 1     GAMESTOP - 2

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This computer that i am currently using seems to have one problem after another.  So, I decided that my best bet would be to have it wiped clean and reformatted.  I have reformatted my computers in the past, but now that no one gives you discs anymore and the windows cds are on a partition, I'm lost.  While exchanging my ink cartridges at Best Buy, I asked the manager if he could point me in the direction of the 'Geek Squad' and mentioned that I was thinking about having my computer reformatted.  He said, "I can tell you that it's going to cost you around $200."  OMG!

While talking to the 'Geek Squad', the lady proceeded to tell me about a service contract they had for purchase.  Normally, this costs $199 per year, but since we just purchased a laptop, we could get this for $99.  The thing about this service contract is, it covers 3 computers!  So, not only would both my son's laptop and my computer be covered for a year but I could get mine reformatted.......completely free!  WOW!  Since we have 30 days from our purchase to get this contract for $99, I decided to wait and talk to my boyfriend (since he is the one who will be paying for it).

At home, I talk to my boyfriend.  He says, "Well, you can get it, but let's just buy you a laptop and you can have the computer you use now as a back-up."  Hey, who am I to complain?

For the outrageous price to reformat:

For the great service contract available:

WALMART - 0     BEST BUY - 2     GAMESTOP - 2

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